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Below is a selected list of lectures, talks and papers I have given. Where possible, I have made copies of my text or slides available and linked to other relevant sites.

Mill and Common Good

For my lecture text click here.

Bentham Lecture 2009: Liberal Morality

For my lecture text click here.

For my lecture video click here.

'Making Ourselves Better? Liberty, Character and Happiness: John Stuart Mill in the 21st Century'
29 November 2007, RSA London.

For my lecture text click here.

For the RSA’s podcast of the whole event click here.

Click here to download the RSA podcast of the lecture. (mp3, 13mb)
‘John Stuart Mill is the Greatest Liberal’
19 September 2007
Liberal History Group, Brighton

Click here for Anne Perkin’s report of the vote and debate on Guardian Unlimited.

‘Progress? From John Stuart Mill to modern third sector’
1 December 2006
keynote address to the Annual Conference of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (acevo)

Nick Aldridge picked up the theme in his column in Social Enterprise magazine

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‘Partisan Mill’
6 April 2006
Mill Bicentennial Conference, University College London Organised by the International Society for Utilitarian Studies and the Political Studies Association.

For the full paper click here (61kb)

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‘The Nationalisation of Responsibility’
21 February 2006
Institute for Global Ethics & the RSA, Edinburgh

For a pdf of the lecture click here (161.86kb)

For my slides click here .ppt format (739kb)

I wrote a comment piece in The Observer highlighting the principal themes of the lecture: 19 February 2006, The Observer, ‘Why we should care a bit more’

For a thoughtful application of my ‘responsibility model’ to the area of child protection.

see a speech by Phillip Noyes, NSPCC Director of Public Policy from September 2006: (121.38kb)

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The Politics of Happiness’
24 October 2003
University of Kent

For the lecture click here (50kb)

The files are in Adobe Acrobat format - Download the free viewer

For my slides click here .ppt format (1.3mb)

Shame is Not a Four-Letter Word: New York Times Op-ed
A society purged of shame might sound good in theory. But it would be terrible in practice. We need a sense of shame to live well together. For those with liberal instincts, this is necessarily hard. But it is also necessary.

The Conservative Sovereignty Fetish
How the sovereignty fetish of conservatives - UNophobia in the US Senate just the latest symptom - prevents, perversely, the spread of enlightenment values. My latest for Huffington Post

Lessons from US elections for UK: Zero
The Ameriphilia of Brit politicos makes them seek lessons from the US election. In my latest blog for CentreForum, I argue that, sadly, there are

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